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This article is based on “Unhardened Hearts” by Kate Hutton
I was interested in this essay/podcast because Kate Hutton was talking about a book that almost every person in high school has read; To Kill a Mockingbird. She discussed how her class eventually stumbles on the topic of racism and prejudice, but in one class, within the first few minutes after introducing this book, students were already talking about the unjust killings of African-Americans by White male police officers. Students who barely spoke during this English class, suddenly spoke with passion. The reason Kate Hutton named this essay “Unhardened Hearts” is because she sees that young people have a strong sense of what is right and wrong and are not burdened with the hard truths of this world. The message that needs to be heard is that we let society corrupt our wholesome once youthful selves. The up and coming generation can alter the future, if we continue to have unhardened hearts.

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  1. great article – I can relate to how sometimes the discussions/literature can be depressing – but awareness leads to change! and hope for a better world

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