ICT 11 – January 9, 2017

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Shape of the day:

  1. Attendance
  2. Programming 11 – Continue with Raspberry Pi independent projects.  As you complete your respective mini-projects, ensure you complete the Self-Evaluation which is linked on the assignments page.
    1. When you are ready to move on to a second project, you should be looking to try out different things with the Pi’s.  The Pi’s offer a wide range of features that you can work with so try to explore as many different options as you can.
    2. Depending on what tutorials or guides you choose to follow for each project, you should be able to complete one every 3 – 5 classes.  Some projects you may even be able to complete within a single block.
    3. After each completed project, be sure to show Mr. Jamieson what you have built.  As your understanding of working with the Pi’s and different languages increases, you should challenge yourself to build on to an existing project and go beyond what is outlined in the tutorial.
  3. ICT 11 – Continue to work on your respective final projects.
  4. For both sets of students, you should be aiming to finish your units by Wednesday January 18.


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