ICT 11 – January 4, 2017

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Shape of the day:

  1. Attendance
  2. Programming 11 – Continue with Raspberry Pi Self-Guided projects
    1. Set up the same Pi as you had last time.  I would highly recommend having a USB to save your work on as there is a chance that the SD cards get corrupted and have to be reformatted.
    2. You should have a plan for what project you want to attempt to work on first.  Ensure you have the necessary accessories before beginning to work on a project.
  3. ICT 11 – Continue on final course project.
    1. You should know whether or not you will be attempting the film and editing project or the web design project.
    2. For the film and editing – You will need to make a 5 – 10 minute mockumentary film (about a topic of your own choosing or imagination).  Your film should be fully edited.  This includes cropping video, editing sound, adding transitions, adding titles and text, finalizing video.  You will produce this film using a product such as Adobe Premier or Apple iMovie.
    3. For Web Design – You will use Wix to create a multi-page website related to a theme of your own choosing.  You will need to start with a basic template from Wix but should then work on modifying the content, layout and page designs as much as possible to create your own site.

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