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Welcome to my blog, My name is Kiera. I have 2 siblings. I moved from Vancouver jurying term 3 of grade 8. We lived in Vancouver for about 1 1/2 years then came here…I’m originally from Sherwood park, Alberta. I was born in Red Deer but when I was about 2 1/2  when we moved to Sherwood park till I starting grade 7 then we moved to Vancouver. So i’ve been to 4 schools in these past 3 years. Wow!

My passions are acting I an actress in progress I LOOOOOvvvvveeeeeee acting so recently I decide I’m actually going to make a career out of it. I took classes at YVAS, I defiantly recommend them for some advanced experience and references. I wanna do acting in film and tv.

I’m obsessed with reading, Some of my favourite tv series are The Office, Stranger thing, Nailed it, Gilmore girls, and Baking shows… Some of my favourite movies of all time are Pride and Prejudice, Harry Potter, Maze Runner, Five Feet Apart and Hunger Games. I’m not much of a video game person but sometime i’ll play.


My quote for my self is

“Don’t stop trying till you succeed then you can decide if you like it, But first try…”


My hobbies are singing, Dancing, playing instruments, art, knitting, Weaving, Baking/Cooking, Acting, writing, etc….

I wrote a senses short story recently about a first time for English 10,

The cold wet tears of the grey clouds fell onto my face, an icy prick quickly jolted my nerves every time it touched my skin. I was exhausted and wet from walking around the stinky town, with damp hair sticking to my neck with a sickly warmth. I was bundled in my warm jacket and sweater. My fathers big warm hand holding my clasp steady. We crossed the road when the bright green light shown in my eyes, with a click clack splash, on the pavement. We reached our destination, my hand parted from the warmth into to the daring icy air and reached out, as I pulled open the crystal glass door, I entered the wave of warmth accompanied by the rustic tangy smell of brown hot liquid. The chatter of the collecting people and clinking of mugs had reached my ears, when I stepped onto the soaked red carpet. My father and I walked up to the oak counter; I searched the menu straining my eyes as I looked up. When I spotted the beautiful name, London Fog, I ordered it at once with the haste of needing any warmth I could grasp. I listened to the sharp hiss of the coffee machines at work. Once I grasped the hot cup of milky tea, my blood melted and ran like a river once again. I collapsed into a chair, my legs giving up from the long walk, and blew onto the puffs of steam. Hands wrapped around the papery cup, which was letting the heat leak out the cardboard. I lifted it to my lips. The sweet smell of cinnamon, vanilla, and earl grey flowed into my nostrils, gasping for more. I let the hot liquid trickle onto my tongue, as it burned, I could taste the hints of home. The milky drops entered my throat allowing my whole body to be entered into a haven of sleepy heat. This flavorful potion had returned my feeling, as it spread throughout my veins. This was when I knew my life would always be filled with London fogs. My eyes quickly glanced up to my smiling father. I took in his graceful jaw line speckled with red hairs, his ocean blue eyes looking into my mine. I smiled and sweetly replied, “thank you”.

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