I am almost always right

a collaborative poem:

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I was living in a pigsty,

Common words of my mother.

I let my dog, Danny, run free,

He loves to swim and bark at the fly clouds over the un-named piles in my room

My life is as simple as a rhyme,

I eat,
I sleep,

And I repeat,

The beast that lingers in my life was my mother without coffee,

Groggy eyes,

Rumbling calls of terror.

I took my shot,

Accurate like Artemis,

“You make me want to scream!”

The final swing of the sword slayed the beast,

It broke out in tears and moaned away,

I could make out the few words, ‘I’ve raised a monster’


Some might say this poem doesn’t make sense,

Perhaps your right,

Then again maybe not because I’m usually always right.


Kiera Vanveen, + creative writing group



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