Theme park – literary circle – Handmaids Tale – English 11

In this literary circle I dived into the complicated and eerie plot of Handmaids Tale novel by Margaret Atwood. She has portrayed controversial ideas and societal beliefs about oppression. She pushed our limits of imagination allowing us to debate our morals and the needs of humanity for a society to work. Our group has taken the key ideas of the survival and place them into a theme park allowing us to bring the enticing events to the public. Throughout this theme park we included buildings in characters and shows that would portray the main plot events and allow the visitors of our theme park do you have a full and educational experience for people who aren’t familiar with the book or a humourous and intriguing experience for fans. In this project I contributed by helping distribute roles, I helped keep everyone organized if they were at home or in class I helped people generate ideas for rides and shows and how that could connect to the story I created the map for our theme park and communicated where the people creating the rides would like them and how that would create with the flow of our theme park. I also helped finalize ideas and made sure everyone was getting things done, and feeling comfortable with their role. I feel this project helped push everyone out of their comfort zones to be creative and critically think about how this all connects to the book and how we can educate our visitors of the theme park to understand the novel while having fun. I was very satisfied with my group as they all were involved, we all did our work, we communicated very well, and helped each other out. This is the brochure for our theme park:

Brochure for Handmaids Tale 2021-04-17 16_41_55

and here is the map that I created for our theme park:

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