SMART Goals Reflection

  1. What was your goal? To pick up 20 pieces of garbage collectively by the end of the week
  2. Did you achieve it? Yes
  3. How or how not? I went on a walk with my mom in port moody and it took my 1 minute to pick up 20 pieces of garbage, I mainly saw cigarette butts, but I tried to mainly pick up plastics, ( I found a straw!!), I left napkins, paper, and cardboard alone knowing that it will biodegrade into dirt.
  4. What was the most challenging part of achieving your goal? Seeing the ridiculous amount of trash on the ground, you don’t really notice till your actually looking for it then you see the big amount.
  5. What would you do differently next time? I would make the goal bigger like 100 pieces of trash, so that it is an actual challenge and makes a bigger difference!
  6. Will you continue on with this type of goal? Yes, because this goal has brought me to realize that something needs to be done about litter, so I will continue to clean up the mess. So every time my parents go on a walk ill join them while picking up trash as I see it (with gloves of course)


SMART Goal Reflection Rubric

1 2 3 4 5
A minimal reflection with some missing responses to questions A limited reflection with missing responses to questions A basic reflection with possibly a missing response to a question. A thoughtful reflection with no missing responses to questions. A conscious and thorough reflection with no missing responses to questions.




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