A Fresh Look at the Periodic Table — Kiera, Dženan

  1. In your group, DEFINE and DISCOVER:
  • Restate the problem you are trying to solve in your own words.

How can we make a new periodic table to our own version?

  • Develop some questions to research before you start to brainstorm.
  • What can be changed?
  • If we move things would that disrupt the staircase?
  • Could we arrange it alphabetically?


  1. In your group, DREAM:
  • What information does the periodic table tell you?
  • Weight
  • Ion charge
  • Symbol
  • Acidity
  • Reactivity
  • Number of protons, electrons, and neutrons
  • If it’s a metal or non-metal
  • Name of the element
  • How could you arrange it differently based on its chemical and physical properties?
  • You could rearrange it alphabetically
  • What different shapes could be used?
  • Shapes to show non-metal and metal
  • How can you use color?

You can use colors to show families


  1. With your partner, DESIGN, DELIVER
  • What is your plan?
  • We are going to rearrange the table alphabetically, and use  a different clolour to show the non-metals from the metals, and use colours to show families, and put the number of neutrons on the elements too


  1. Individually, DEBRIEF:
  • we could improve on the look of it/arrangement, and make it look neater too


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2 thoughts on “A Fresh Look at the Periodic Table — Kiera, Dženan”

  1. I appreciate the work you and your partner did on your periodic table. How do you think having the elements in alphabetical order help the Science student?

    1. we thought it would help people find the elements easier because if they know the name they can look for it alphabetically instead of looking through the entire table for one element.

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