math term one reflection

In semester one I have learned more about integers, and so far this year I’ve memorized my times table better, and learned how to long divide, and reviewed stuff that I forgot about. I feel like I understand fractions and polynomials, and geometry really well. But in all my others schools my teachers have allowed me to use a calculator so I have been reliant on that for a very long time,  but when I came here I was not allowed to use one. So that’s one thing I could work on because I struggle without using it to work with bigger numbers or dividing decimals, etc.… I can work on practising that. Another thing I can work on is decimals and rational numbers, square rooting, perfect squares, these I find harder cause I always had my calculator to do the multiplying and dividing for me (even though I know how to solve everything and I know the formulas, the calculator just made it faster and more convienient). One of my goals for semester 2 would be to study more for tests and quizzes, and to more text work and make more of a first priority, than my other subject. I need to plan out my time with homework better, because I get so much from every class that I’m loaded with work, and I’m a very busy, person so most of the time I can’t complete it, but in my next semester I won’t have as many major classes only 2, so it’ll be more relaxed and I’ll have more time

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