• Does nature create waste? 

I think it will still cause waste. For example, people’s excessive deforestation and excessive use and destruction of natural resources have caused a certain amount of waste to nature 

  • What is the root cause of why we create so much waste? How can this change? 

I think the root cause of so much waste is people’s lack of natural protection and people’s desire for greed 

(BONUS) Waste awareness art task 


  1. What type of waste do you want people to be aware of? 

I hope people can learn about the exhaust of cars 

Car exhaust contains carbon monoxide, oxygenated nitrogen and other solid particles with adverse effects on the human body, especially leaded gasoline, which is more harmful to the human body. 

  1. How will you go about collecting the waste? Where might you store it while you collect it? How long will it take to assemble/disassemble? What will be done with it afterwards? Will there be a standard time-frame? Will you be photographing it? 

I think I will use the policy of classification recycling and recycling to collect waste, and I will put it in a cold and airtight environment. The final procedure is to treat and reuse the waste generated in the process of human activities. 

  1. What is the message you want people to get from your display? 

I hope people can know that it is really important to protect the environment. Everyone has the mission and responsibility to protect the environment 



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