For tomorrow – be able to tell a story about a time when you experienced discrimination (seen it or it happened to you). 

  • What happened? 

As a child, due to my poor physique and small size, I was excluded and ostracized by my classmates, and even bullied me on campus 

  • How did you feel about it and why?r 

I felt a deep sense of helplessness and despair, and I was very afraid and worried at that time 

  • Why do you think this kind of discrimination exists? 

The main reason for the frequent occurrence of campus violence is the psychological distortion of students. Many students in cities are only children, and most of them are self-centered due to their doting parents. These children only consider their own interests and don’t care about the feelings of others, which leads to the occurrence of discrimination 

  • How has it impacted who you are ever since? 
  • Children may be withdrawn and indifferent because of violence, and they are unfamiliar to anyone and everything. 
  • 2. I don’t want to believe in anyone, and I avoid to anyone. In my heart, there is only enough room for myself. 
  • 3. Fear of seeing strangers, always feel inexplicable fear of strangers, and even suffer from victimization and paranoia; 
  • 4. Gradually lose confidence in yourself. No matter what things you do, you will feel inferior and unable to lift your head; 
  • 5. When the circumstances are serious, violence will bring unbearable pain to the victim, and the victim will feel that he or she has lost the last dignity, so he or she will take the road of suicide. 









  • To what extent has the climate changed? 

Shrinking ice sheets 

Glacial retreat 

Decreased snow cover 

Sea level rise 

Declining Arctic sea ice 


  • Is there a connection between temperature and CO2 levels? 


  • Is there a connection between population increase and CO2 levels? 
  • yes 
  • What are some of the impacts of climate change? 
  • Global sea level rise: 
  • Extreme weather events: 
  • Polar melting: 
  • Mass extinctions: 
  • Loss of freshwater resources: 
  • Crop failure: 
  • Based on the data, what should we do to lower CO2 emissions? 


Low-carbon travel save water and electricity use less disposable chopsticks to reduce automobile exhaust emissions and shut down polluting enterprises 




  • See the Climate Causes below, which ones do you have control over? 


Children s playground I will told them to protect the environment 

  • In what ways does Climate Change become an issue of class? 

Climate change refers to the change of the climatic average state over time, that is, one or two of the two have a statistically significant change. 


  • Does nature create waste? 

They break down and recycle the nutrients in dead plants and animals, and theirwaste. These nutrients end up being used again by living plants and animals.Nature’s waste does not get wasted at all. … Everything made by nature returns tonature. 

  • What is the root cause of why we create so much waste? How can this change? 

I don’t think nature causes much waste 




(BONUS) Waste awareness art task 


  1. What type of waste do you want people to be aware of? 

I want you to try to understand the ‘hazardous waste’. 

  1. How will you go about collecting the waste? Where might you store it while you collect it? How long will it take to assemble/disassemble? What will be done with it afterwards? Will there be a standard time-frame? Will you be photographing it? 

Use special materials and professional guidance to complete the collection in safe conditions 










  • What did you see according to your sphere? 

I saw all kinds of people with different careers and different jobs 

  • What are you happy/unhappy with about what you saw? 

It was nice to see an old man and his son and daughter walking out, but not so nice to see a homeless man with dirty clothes on the side of the road and no money to change into clean clothes 

  • What should we see/experience when we are in these regions? Who would that benefit and how? 

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