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Thermos Challenge 2019

Below I have attached our Thermos Challenge Reflection. This document explains the process in which my group built our thermos as well as the reasons as to why we chose these specific materials. Alongside this document is a core competencies reflection. I explain that this project was one that forced us to use many different core competencies. At times it was difficult but I am grateful to have had this experience and the ability to create something that we could have only dreamed about making a few weeks ago.

Thermos Challenge Reflection

Thermos Challenge Self-Assessment

Math Video: The Pythagorean Theorem

Below you will find our group project for Math Honours 9, a documentary and white board style video regarding the Pythagorean Theorem. In this video there are 4 main categories: the life of Pythagoras, explaining the Pythagorean Theorem, proofs of the Pythagorean Theorem and finally real life examples in which one can use the Pythagorean Theorem. We worked really hard on this video and had a lot of fun making it. We hope you enjoy!

-Didi, Elena, Maddy and Kelsey

Self Reflection- Music Video Project

Below you can find my core competencies reflection on a project we just completed in my conversation 10 class. This project helped us to improve on our teamwork and our creative thinking skills. These two topics are exactly what my reflection focuses on.

I have also attached the music video that we made and the lyrics we wrote ourselves (the tune of the song is Forget You by CeLo Green).