What did you build and why?

As a graduating student, I knew that this year’s grad events were going to look very different. While we were limited in what we could plan, I was hopeful that we would still be able to celebrate this accomplishment in some capacity. With the help of Lauren and Maya, we were able to design and create a donut wall that will be used (to display edible donuts) at our grad celebration event.

What did you learn during the process? What were some of the challenges? What were some of the learning moments? Use images as examples.

Mr. Brown was extremely helpful in guiding us through the design process. Through exploration and connecting with Mr. Brown, I learned of programs that would allow us to 3D print and bring our ideas to life. When the design was ready to print, I was able to lean on supporting staff and students in the makers space to transfer the files from my computer to the 3D printing machine. The machine itself (when it worked) appeared simple enough to navigate. Challenges arose when the files were not compatible with the machine and therefor would not read the design. Once the problem had been determined, the printing was fast and extremely efficient. We were able to 3D print the letters D-O-N-U-T-S to lay vertically on a peg board (that we chose to spray paint half pink).

If you could do it all again, what would you change? What could be improved? Dream…

If there was one item I wish I could have changed, I would say the physical attachment of the letters to the peg board. Mr. Brown was kind enough to 3D print pegs that could be fitted to the letters – ideally allowing us to move the letters around if desired. Although the idea was great, trying to use the backings and attempt to align the letters at the same time made the situation more difficult then it needed to be. After much deliberation, we determined where exactly we wanted to align the letters and used Gorilla Glue to secure them in place. Looking back, I would have used super glue (or any clear drying glue) instead to avoid seeing the golden/orange hue that squeezed out the sides of each letter.

With that said, these adjustments are minor and will likely be details that only Lauren, Maya and I notice – everyone else will be eyeing up the donuts 🙂 I am extremely proud of what we have created and look forward to seeing it all decorated at the event!