Hoodies (HTV Prints):


Vinyl Prints:



What are some things that were challenging?
I thoroughly enjoyed creating these projects! One project that was slightly challenging was creating the Aries project. I wanted to print the multi colours in one single print to keep placement as easy as possible. This required a lot of measuring and mapping to ensure that the specific colour was aligned with the desired cut. Another challenge that I faced was when I used one cutting mat. For some reason, this mat was not sticky enough which caused my vinyl to move around. After identifying the problem, I was able to successfully reprint using a different mat.

What are some things that worked well?
I was especially happy with the outcome of my Hallmark hoodies! I ended up making two identical sweaters and I feel they turned out better than expected. I was nervous when working with the different colours and having to layer them. Although the colours never actually overlapped, I had to be careful when ironing to not over iron select sections. Despite my worries, using pieces of fabric to cover and protect the sections that I had already ironed worked perfectly and allowed for me to successfully transfer my HTV.

What did you learn? How can you apply this?
I have learned so much about the Cricut machine over the course of this past month. Not only did I learn how to use the Cricut Design Space but I also am now able to take images from the internet and edit them to use for my cuts. I will definitely be applying this skill when I create projects using logos, brands or characters that are not available through the Design Space. I have also developed many problem solving skills including which option to choose when printing on thick HTV, glitter HTV and the benefits of using an iron vs. the heat press.