April 10th 2019 archive

Core Competent Canadians

Question #1: What did you know about the Core Competencies before this activity? What did you learn?

Before this activity, I knew what the Core Competencies were but I did not know why they are a part of our new curriculum. After discussing the reasonings as to why we reflect, I now understand that Core Competencies open up many doors for our learning experience. Instead of teachers reviewing the content for provincial exams with their class throughout the year, we use the content to develop our skills as learners.

Question #2: How can your knowledge of the Core Competencies help you in your school life? Personal life?

After reading these cards, I now realize that Core Competencies will not only play a major role in our school years but also a big part of our life after school. I believe that my new knowledge of Core Competencies will help me deepen my reflections as well as apply these Core Competencies daily in my classroom. I also believe that Core Competencies will help me in my personal life because being socially aware, a problem solver and a good communicator are all traits that I will need to apply in jobs, with friends and family and other activities in general.