The Tense Middle, an article written by Roald Hoffmann who compares life to chemistry; the reactions, the transformations and then the equilibrium of it all. Hoffmann explains his beliefs that people are not born “good” or “evil” but develop this title through their choices. His fact-base style of writing intrigued me and I found it to be a nice change from other, more illistrative articles. Hoffmann establishes a connection to his experience as a young jewish child, when he saw first hand how actions can place people into the evil category and others, like the man who saved his mother and him, into the good category. He learns through time that living life in the middle, though it is not a static or stable place to be “…offers me the potential for change.” I believe there will always people who will be satisfied living their life in the middle. I hope that through thoughtful choices and a good heart, I am able to disrupt the equilibrium and storm my way into the good category for this world.

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