One Minute One Take Short Story Film – English 9

Here is our English 9 short story film. The sniper


             While editing this video, we created the emotional setting by adding music in the background. We used props to create more of a physical setting. For one of our characters, we used clothes to make it look like it was an old lady. For the intro, we had soldiers fighting and then the camera went to face the sniper. For the initiating incident, the sniper decided to risk a smoke. Right away a bullet flew by his head. For the rising action, the sniper spotted an armoured car turning around the corner. For the climax, the sniper got shot in his arm. For the falling action, the sniper shot the enemy sniper in the head with his revolver. For the conclusion, we had the sniper go down and figure out that the enemy was his brother. There could be many themes for this film, I think it was that war is bad and life is unfair. For this project, I filmed and edited the film. I think I filmed very well. I didn’t shake a lot while filming. I could have edited the film better. As a group, we did very well comunicating our ideas and suggestions. We worked very well together.