Currents From The Kitchen – Full Project – Science 9

Some Pictures of the equipment we used


– Copper

– Voltmeters

– Nails

– Aligator Wires

– Different kinds of fruit (listed below)



The Fruits that we used during this expirement and their results

Lemon – 0.7 voltage

Orange – 0.2 voltage

Dragon Fruit – 0.75 voltage

Apple – 0.4 voltage

Banana – 0.71 voltage

Potato – 0.5 voltage

Lime – 0.7 voltage



– When you squeezed the fruit, the voltage went up

– The dragon fruit had the most voltage, I thought the lemon would de the best


Questions and Answers

  • If your bulb doesn’t glow, how can you find out if electrons are flowing?

The bulb didn’t glow but we knew there was electrons flowing because we used a voltmeter.


  • If your bulb doesn’t glow, why not?

There wasn’t enough voltage for the bulb to use.


  • How can we modify our experiment to improve our results?

We can use some exotic fruits. They might have a better chance.


  • What is causing electrons to flow in this experiment?

The moisture in the fruits is helping the electrons flow through the fruit.


  • How can I use this in my everyday life?

You could take the knowledge you got from this expirement and use it to help you build a circuit of some sort.