Safety Story – Science 9

Safety Story – Science 9 – Keegan Stephens

Hello, my name is Keegan, in this post I will telling you about my day in science 9. We learnt a lot of important stuff, we learnt about some of the WHMIS and hazard symbols. We learnt about some of the equipment that we are going to use during this course. We also got assigned our first lab, mixing all sorts of chemicals, I can’t remember the names of them. Nobody followed the inscrutions, we didn’t even grab safety glasses! One of the expirements exploded and got everywhere. Everybody ran away and some people even went out into the hallway. We got in trouble for the glasses and the expirement because when everybody ran, there was a chance that one of us knocked down another test tube. Next time we all know to get our  safety glasses before doing anything and in case something happens, exploding expirement, to stay calm and ask the teacher for help. Now on to some of the lab equipment we learnt about. We learnt about graduated cylenders, these can be glass or plastic. They are used to measure liquids. They are very accurant and use mL. We learnt about beakers and beaker tongs, beakers can be glass or plastic. Glass ones are used to heat and stir substances and plastic ones are only used to stir. Beaker tongs are used to handle hot beakers. We learnt about Florence flasks and how they are used to heat and store substances. There are a few more lab equipment that we looked over, but here is one more, Erlenmeyer flasks, these are used to heat and store substances, just like the florence flask. We didn’t just learn about lab equipment, we also learnt about some of the WHMIS symbols and household product hazard symbols. Here are a couple examples of each one,

Corrosive WHMIS symbol 

When you see one of these symbols, it means that the substances can destroy exposed body tissue. It can even damage or destroy metal. I do not suggest touching this stuff without any protection.


Flammable  WHMIS symbol 

When you see one of these symbols, it means that the substance can ignite easily and burn rapidly if exposed to any kind of heat. It pretty much means, DON’T PUT ME NEAR HEAT.


Explosive Household symbol 

You will find this symbol mostly on household items. This symbol means that the substance can explode if heated. If this is on a container of some sort, it can also mean, if punctured, it will explode.


Toxic Household symbol 

This symbol means that if you ever lick, eat, drink or even smell this substance, it can cause illness or even death.


Ethical Dilemma that one might find in science

There are many ethical dilemmas that someone can find during their science career. Here is one that i thought of, Animal Testing. Animal testing is something very serious, a scientist may have to chose between animal testing or something else. This discision can drive someone crazy.


The Map of our Classroom 


Things outside of the classroom

Fume Hood – Room 201

Emergency Shower – Room 201

Fire Alarm Pull – Between rooms 206 and 207

First Aid Attendant – Mr. Columbo in room 219