CBL Post – Innovation Project – Science 9

Innovation Project Post

During the months that we had to work on our innovation project in science 9, we connect with Yazeed Al Jeddawy and got his opinion on the idea of creating a solar powered portable charger. He told us that it would be very helpful in their electricity crisis. We weren’t able to finish our project. We were planning on creating a solar powered portable charger.

While we were trying to finish this project, the skills that is developed were, I learnt a little bit about the program we used to 3D model our project. I didn’t use this skill at all, and I wish I had learnt more because I only learnt a little bit.

While we were Skype calling Yazeed Al Jeddawy, he told us that the S.P.P.C (solar powered portable charger) would be very helpful. Mr. Robinson also got Sara Badiei in to talk to us about the crisis’ in Yemen, Gaza and Lebanon. Sara Badiei is a part of the World Bank and is helping the people in those places.

I think I could’ve done better. I could’ve helped my group some more because all I did was find a solar panel and a laptop battery on Amazon. When we started this project, I did share some of my ideas of what we could do.