The Nightmare Before Christmas Summary

Nightmare Before Christmas Summary

              A skeleton decoration was getting tired of Halloween. He was getting tired of constantly doing his skeleton dances. A dog magically came out of one of the graves, the dog had a bright shiny nose. The dog was Jack’s best friend. Sadly, jack didn’t notice him, that mad the dog sad. Jack noticed three huge wooden doors. Jack fell into a place called Christmas town. Jack felt no longer haunted, he always wanted this feeling. He took the present filled stocking, all the candy and toys on the shelves, he took a picture of Santa and all his elves. He took everything that sparkled or glowed. He brought all the things he stole back to Halloween. He wanted to take over Christmas and spread cheer instead of fear. They shoved Santa into a sack. Jack thinks that it’s unfair how he gets to be Santa every year. Jack was about to go take over Christmas, tons of fog fell from the sky. There was no way they would be able to fly the sleigh. Suddenly, they say Jack’s dog with his bright nose. They got his dog the replace Rudolph. People noticed that it wasn’t Santa. They gave away bad presents. They got shot at. Jack wanted his dog to fly higher. They ended up crashing into a big stone cross. They noticed that they couldn’t be Santa. Jack and his dog laid on the ground. Santa said that he was totally understanding. Santa knew that they didn’t want to wreak havoc. Santa flew away in his sleigh, going to save Christmas.

Poetic Devices

Rhyme Scheme – AABBCC

Onomatopoeia – So you may lie in my coffin, creak doors, and yell ‘Boo!’

Simile – and the jingling bells like chattering bones.