Shrinky Art – Scale Math Lab

Shrinky Art Math Lab Summary

1- Was the resulting object similar to the original?

Yes, the resulting object was similar to the original. They were the same shape but different sizes. The colour had gotten darker after it went into the oven. The scale factor of this difference is – 1 : 0.62


2- Speak to other classmates about their results and the plastic code. Did different plastics produce different results?

Yes, different plastics did produce different results. Someones shape got bigger instead of getting smaller, like mine.


3- Looking at the resulting art pieces of your peers, what else could have affected the results?

The size could have effected the results. Maybe even the amount of sharpie you put on it.


4- And to conclude, if you tried this again, what might you do differently?

If I were to do this again, i woud make my shape bigger and use a different type of plastic. After it came out of the oven, it was very fragile.

Term One Reflection – Math

During this first term, I was able to become faster at multiplying and dividing in my head. I learnt new ways on multiplying a dividing polynomials. I was definitely was more organised posting all of my homework on OneNote. I learnt more about polynomials. Math was quite easy as I already learnt most of the stuff and I am also quite good at Math. I think I could study more for tests for the semester coming up. I studied a little but I dont think I studied enough. I still got really good marks on my tests but if I studied more I would have even better marks. I didn’t really struggle in any of the units, so that a plus.