New Media 10 – Podcast Assignment


In this podcast episode, I explain what residential schools are, why they were created, who they affected and when they were created. I explained the story of a survivor who attended one of these residential schools. His name is Walter West. I explained his life before attending, while attending and a little bit after attending the residential school. I also explain where he came from, The Takla Nation. I explain where The Takla Nation is located and I describe what they are.

Here is my podcast outline w/works cited at the bottom of the document;

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Advertising Target Markets – New Media 10

The company that this commercial is representing is Extra. This company is selling gum. The target audience for this commercial could possibly be parents. This is because they are using their product, gum, as a way to create these unbreakable bonds with their child. Throughout this commercial, the parent gives his daughter a lot of gum as she grows up. Every time that he gives her a piece of gum, he creates an origami crane out of the wrapper. He then gives this piece of origami to his daughter. The daughter collects these pieces of origami as a way to always be reminded of him. This is representing the impact that the gum has on this father-daughter bond.

ÉVP 10 – Ikigai Hunters – Page d’accueil

Qui suis-je

           Je m’appelle Keegan Stephens et voici une explication de qui je suis. Je suis un étudiant à l’école Riverside. Je vais vous expliquer mon style d’apprentissage, ma personnalité, mon type d’intérêt, mes domaines d’études, mes deux facteurs de motivation, mes trois intelligences multiples et trois emploi potentiel pour moi. J’ai appris tous ces choses à propos de moi car j’avais fait des enquêtes sur l’internet.

Un petit sommaire de quoi je vais parler à propos.

  • Je suis un apprenant visuel
  • Mon type de personnalité est ISTJ (l’inspecteur)
  • Mon type d’intérêts est IR (l’ingénieur)
  • Mon domaine d’études est l’éducation physique
  • Mon premier facteur de motivation est les accomplissements
  • Mes trois intelligences multiples
  • Trois emploi potentiel pour moi




Je vais expliquer ces choses dans plus de détaille dans ce projet.

Amusez-vous bien!


New Media 10 – Timeline – Communication

Timeline – Communication

This interactive timeline shows how the invention of the most recent phone came about. This timeline goes form the earliest invention to the latest invention as a continuity. The earliest invention, the telegraph, was the first invention that allowed long-distance communication. The telegraph helped create the telephone as the telephone uses the same concept but is easier to communicate with as the telegraph uses symbolic codes whereas the telephone allows two people to talk directly to one another. The telephone then helped the invention of the radio. The radio had the same concept as the telephone but was more mobile. The radio then helped with the invention of the mobile phone. Not only did the radio help with the invention of the mobile phone, but the telephone helped as well. The mobile phone used the same concept of the telephone and radio but was easier to carry around. The invention of the first mobile phone inspired the creation of all modern-day mobile phones as they all have the same concept but over time, they got more features and uses. One thing that connects all phones and technology is the world wide web. The world wide web is used with all technology today. The world wide web allows people to communicate with all their devices. This timeline will go into more detail about these inventions and will even name more.