Marlon Bundo is the Bunny of the United States

His whole life has been left to the fates

His days go by without any interest,

He might as well just scroll through Pinterest.

He decides to go hopping, hopping outside

He bounds out the door, excitement in every stride.

He greets all his friends, never once stopping,

He hops ‘round the garden and his heart starts hopping.

He sees a beautiful bunny boy

With floppy ears that brings him joy.

He greets the pretty bunny,

Who says his name is Wesley.

They decide that their chance meeting was destiny.

Marlon and Wesley go and hop all over,

They hop through all the patches of clover.

They hop through the house,

Speeding past their friend mouse.

At the end of the day, they both wish to stay,

Together forever, or so they say.

They decide to get married and go tell their friends

and all of them are happy for the boyfriends.

Phil and Dennis jumped up and they cried,

“Hooray for the bunnies!” and the bunnies filled with pride.

Pumpernickel and Dill Prickle went over and gave congratulations

Mr. Paws said their wedding should have carnations.

They all were so happy because their friends were too,

Wesley turned to Marlon and whispered, “I love you.”

Then the stink bug president ran over to say

“You are disgusting, gross! Nobody should be gay!”

The group of friends booed him, and hated his guts,

they could not have a president as someone who’s nuts!

The animals discussed and decided to vote.

They voted against the stinkbug and started to gloat.

Now there is no president, so who would they promote?

They decided on Marlon, he should be good

Marlon was now president, and proudly he stood.

Marlon was sweet and fair for a while

but after some time, he turned out vile

He was power-hungry and corrupt,

he killed those who would interrupt.

Who thought a bunny could turn out that way.

The animals decided he would not live another day.

Dill Prickle was small, agile, fast.

He could sneak into a room, and the alarms would not blast.

So, he infiltrated the room where Marlon slept,

Dill Prickle shot him quick and when Wesley woke, he wept.

The animals rejoiced, as no evil was left,

But of a president, they were bereft.

There was a meeting, everyone came,

there would be no president, and everyone was the same.

Everyone was equal and had a say

in everything that happened, each and every day.

The animals were happy there was no ruler,

The only thing they wished, is that it had happened sooner.