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https://powerofwordsabuse.wordpress.com/   This blog was created to help people become more aware of the power of words, connecting them to issues such as domestic and family abuse.

CPBL: The Crucible by Arthur Miller


Lactose/Lactate lab

  Purpose: To explore the purpose of the lactase enzyme and how it affects lactose levels to increase glucose. This experiment explores the unique effects the lactase enzyme has on milk, specifically, how effectively, and how much enzyme is required… Continue Reading →

English 11 Honours- Photo Poetry Analysis

Silent Ballad Poem

Diffusion in Agar Cubes Lab

Edmund Fitzgerald-Ballad

In the ballad “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald” by Gordon Lightfoot, there are two main themes: loss, and environment. The poem tells a story of a great storm that kills 29 men aboard a ship while crossing Lake Superior…. Continue Reading →

A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo – Narrative Poem

Marlon Bundo is the Bunny of the United States His whole life has been left to the fates His days go by without any interest, He might as well just scroll through Pinterest. He decides to go hopping, hopping outside… Continue Reading →

Grammar Talks – Clauses and Phrases

There are two parts to the video so the playlist is pasted here.

Protein Synthesis Model

1. Initiation: mRNA binds to the small ribosome subunut, then the 2 ribosome subunits bind together. Elongation: Ribosome holds mRNA and allows complimentary tRNA to attach to binding sites. Then tRNA binds to the “P site”, another tRNA binds to… Continue Reading →

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