How Things Things Work Model Project

What’s the problem you are trying to solve? Nuclear energy is much better than fossil fuels because when using nuclear energy there is   0 greenhouse gases going into the atmosphere. Using an 8.5 pellet of uranium is equivalent to using 1 ton of coal being burned. Whoever by using nuclear power plants it makes a lot of […]

Fresh Periodic Table

For our new version of the periodic table, we changed the order that it’s in so that the less reactive elements are on the left instead of the right so that it gets more reactive from left to right. We made the different families all have different colours, so they are easier to find and […]

COL community connection

Here’s my interview with a former firefighter. This is my dads best friend Rick he has been retired for about 6 years but he said firefighting was the time of his life. He wasn’t supposed to be a firefighter and he never thought he would be. he worked at a truck driving place and that was what […]

Wonder project

Will Time Travel Be Possible? I’m sure we all remember making a fake time machine when we were young but we never questioned if it could actually happen. There’s no dought that there will be time travel in the future… but the question is how long will it be until we do. Einstein first led us […]

Blackout Poetry

    My poem Love is inspired by the play “A Midsummer Nights Dream” by William Shakespear. It explores the theme of love and Imagination. In Kate Glennie’s poem, she also explores the theme of love and imagination by talking about past relationships. It was found on page 4 of “The Fault In Our Star.” […]

Math 9 Semester 1 Reflection

In the second semester of math I would like to improve in my homework by doing my homework and posting it more often. I want to improve in my times tables because if i know my times tables math will come a lot easier to me. My first semester of math wasn’t the best but i’m looking […]