What Darwin Never Knew

In the film What Darvin Never Knew, they explained Darwins j0urney with evolution and the theories he came up with. Darwin’s theory of evolution became one of the most world-renown theories ever made. The film responds and explains some theories that Darwin never knew. In the film, Darwin studied embryos of different animal species. He […]

My Blueprint Reflection

QUESTIONS: Knowledge   What are your top three subject areas? Creative arts Technical trades Physical education   What topics do they include? Visual arts, Music, Drama arts Agriculture, Cosmetology, Foods and Construction Sports, Wellness and Health science   What is your Career Cluster? Arts, Audio, Video Technology and Communications   What are some of the […]

Lit Circle English 10

Literature-Circle-Debriefing-Word (1) Literature-Circle-Debriefing-Word (3) Literature-Circle-Debriefing-Word (4)   I did all of my rolls and contributed into each discission but 3 of my roll sheets didn’t save as I saved blank pdf’s instead of the actual work by accident and then I thought they saved but it was just blank documents. If you need me to […]