My Blueprint Reflection

QUESTIONS: Knowledge


  1. What are your top three subject areas?
  1. Creative arts
  2. Technical trades
  3. Physical education


  1. What topics do they include?
  2. Visual arts, Music, Drama arts
  3. Agriculture, Cosmetology, Foods and Construction
  4. Sports, Wellness and Health science


  1. What is your Career Cluster?

Arts, Audio, Video Technology and Communications


  1. What are some of the things someone in this career cluster would enjoy? Is it suited to your interests?


The career cluster I got did not match my interest very well and it was not very accurate to what I am looking into as a career. For someone who might be interested in drama arts, etc this cluster would be good for them. However some of the interest in this cluster is being good with people and enjoying helping others.


  1. What are three of the occupation matches listed at the bottom of the page? Would you enjoy these careers? Why or why not?
  1. Photographer

Being a photographer has very cool aspects among it. I would greatly enjoy being a photographer as it is one of my interest and hobbies I like to do on my free time. Already having a hobby you are interested in could lead to a career that you enjoy.

  1. Camera operator

A camera operator falls under the same category as photography because you are still working under the same thing such as using cameras. This career could be fun because you could work with many different types of people.

  1. Set designer

This career doesn’t really fall under something that is in my interest. This career sounds like it would be interesting and not a boring 9 to 5 job as I would never want that.

QUESTIONS: My interest


  1. What is your interest type? My top interest type is The Maker which is a mix of my primary and secondary interest traits which were artistic and realistic.
  2. Do you agree with the description of your interest type? Bold your answer  YES            NO         SORT OF


  1. What are your primary and secondary interest traits?
  1. My primary interest type was realistic which means I like to do hands on activities and enjoy working with others and working outdoors
  1. Secondary was artistic which means I like to do creative work and have flexible working space around me.


  1. What are three of the occupation matches listed in the Match Results tab? Would you enjoy these careers? Why or why not? (*HINT: Complete the Compatibility Survey  by clicking ‘Get Started’ to learn more about an occupation)
  1. Creative arts- I’m not a very artistic person, I am actually very artistically challenged as in I’m not very good at using my creative juices and creative things don’t really come to my mind. A job in thus doesn’t really strike me.


  1. Technical trades-I’m also not very into trades or technology so I don’t really want to have a career in this.


  1. Physical education- I am a very active person and I am really into sports and I really would like to pursue a career in something with sports, maybe sports med or maybe a gym teacher but I would like to have something in physical education.


  1. What do these occupation matches have in common with your interest traits (Click View Report and read about your top two interest traits)?


The results I got from each survey didn’t really match up with each other. They both were very different as in how each interest I got and what I got for jobs. Only physical education matched with my interest as it is hands on and I get to work with others and help others.

Learning style:

  1. What is your learning style?


  1. List four study tips that were recommended to you. Bold the ones you have not tried yet.
  1. Take breaks and have times certain groupings of work
  2. Try things for yourself
  3. Needs to be Hands oN


  1. Select one of the study tips you have tried, and explain why it was beneficial.

While studying I tend to lean towards doing hands on things to make my studying beneficial for studying. I try to watch videos about what I need to study and I try it at the same time.

  1. How will knowing your learning style help you academically or personally?

Academically this will help me because it will benefit the way I study so I can learn more while studying and I’m able to remember.

Personally this will help me with learning what kind of people I should surround myself with and spend most of my time with.

QUESTIONS: My personality

  1. What is your personality type?


  1. Explain your personality type. What are some of the characteristics listed in your report? Do they match the adjectives you used to describe

yourself in the “Personality Activity”?

Energized by time spent with others, I am a helper and very extroverted. Highly observant and they like to pay attention to details. They are warm-hearted and empathetic.

  1. What do you think your most valuable personality trait is? Why?


I believe my most valuable personality trait is my empathy towards others and how outgoing I am. I really thrive off people who are like me and are energetic like me.

  1. Why is it important to understand your personality type?

Understanding your personality type is good because it helps you figure out who you are most like as in friends or relationships  and who you are most compatible with. Sometimes opposites attract but other times you can be the exact same person as someone else.




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