The Metaphor Essay

The metaphor that started it all.

People can seem to be complete opposites but aren’t we all similar in a way? In the short story “The Metaphor by Budge Wilson” Ms. Hancock was a grade 7 teacher who became a grade 10 teacher. Charlotte had Ms. Hancock as her teacher for both grade 7 and 10 and she loved Ms. Hancock. She was a “plump and unmarried and overenthusiastic” {pg. 65} teacher who was loved by many of her students. Charlottes’ mother, on the other hand, is very cold and an emotionless woman. Charlotte still loved her mother just as much as you would love a mother, but didn’t have a connection or empathize with her mother as much as Ms. Hancock.


Both Ms. Hancock and Charlottes’ mother created two very different atmospheres for Charlotte. Ms. Hancock’s very welcoming, optimistic and has an enthusiastic personality which made coming to her class very enjoyable for Charlotte. Charlotte feels safe and welcome in her class which made it easier for her to share her metaphor about her mother. Charlottes metaphor is about how her mother is very cold and not loving, making Ms. Hancock worry for her. Ms. Hancock offers to talk with Charlotte reassuring “[that] there’s no need to feel funny about it” – Mrs. Hancock {pg. 69}. Mrs. Hancock had a motherly bond with Charlotte which she never received from her mother.


Charlottes mom often got jealous of Ms. Hancock and judged her. “Is she that brassy Mrs. Hancock…overdone, too much enthusiasm. Flamboyant. Orange hair. Is that the one?” Charlotte’s mom was full of judgement and couldn’t be happy for charlotte and her metaphors she was so proud of. Charlottes mom made her deal with things herself and solve her own problems. When Ms. Hancock taught Charlotte in grade 7 she taught Charlotte to not care so much about her appearance and having to fit in. Charlotte looked up to Mrs. Hancock, so she wanted to be like her “complex vocabulary, a truly promising way of expressing yourself.” {pg. 69} Meanwhile Charlotte’s mom is not like any other mom even if she still loves and cares for Charlotte and doesn’t neglect her, Charlotte still feels closer with more of a bond with Mrs. Hancock. Charlottes mom made her want to fit in and act shy and quiet while Mrs. Hancock would tell her to embrace herself and not care what others think around would think about her.


After Ms. Hancock heard charlottes metaphors, she felt sad and she was concerned for charlotte. She cared for her and pulled her aside after class to ask if she wanted to talk or if she needed anything, “I wonder, do you have anything you would like to discuss about your mother’s metaphor?” (Pg. 69) Charlotte doesn’t want to talk to Ms. Hancock but she knew if she ever needed to Ms. Hancock was there. After Ms. Hancock got hit by the bus after witnesses say she slipped, charlotte came home crying to her mother, her mother couldn’t understand why she was so sad about Ms. Hancock’s death. Charlottes mom didn’t know why Ms. Hancock had such a big impact on her life. “Charlotte do please blow your nose and try to get a hold of yourself. I can’t for the life of me see why you’re so upset. You never even told us she was your teacher this year.” (pg.79) Charlottes mom expressed her comforting and her soothing in a different way than another person would but she still did, and it helped charlotte, that’s her mom method of parenting, that’s how she is and how she’s trying to raise charlotte to be like. everyone has an impact on someone.


No matter who the person is, where they are from, how they got there or how they did it and even though Ms. Hancock and charlottes mom were the complete opposites they both had positive impacts on charlotte.


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