Song Analysis



I chose the song Refrigerator door by Luke Combs because it gives a very strong message but at the same time its a soft and cute song.


  • Paraphrase/summarize the poem: what is it about? How life flies by and about all the memories marked down by photographs on his fridge door
  • Does the poem address a social, psychological, historical, or mythical phenomenon? the song is about life it could be a phenomenon because life is amazing.



  • Who is speaking? First-person talking about his life magnetised pictures on the fridge
  • To whom? Under what circumstances? Identify the setting –their house possibly the house he grew up in.


 NOTE THE DICTION (WORD CHOICE) OF THE POET Be sure to look:up: all unfamiliar words in a dictionary:

  • What are the denotations and connotations of the words? It is a denotation because he is talking about his life and how the pictures describe what he’s been through… there are no sarcastic meanings in it. Are the words concrete or abstract? The words are talking about the pictures in meaning, about what each picture is so this would be concrete.

Is the poem free of cliches? There are no clichés in the song.

How does the diction contribute to or detract from the poem? Instead of just describing the picture he is going into detail with each picture. The song doesn’t really have anything that stands out.



Is the poem serious? Ironic? Satiric? Contemplative? Ambiguous?  Point out words that set the tone. The song talks about a serious setting like life and it has a very fun but serious tone

Determine whether the tone changes within the poem. the tone mostly stays the same


What is the basic metrical pattern? Line length? the lines of the song are about 5 to 6 words per line. 

What is the length of the stanza? 4-5

What is the rhyme scheme? ABC DVD

Does the poet employ any other metrical devices? no What form does the poem take? Open or closed? it’s a free-verse so open.


After watching a movie or listening to a TEDtalk or reading a piece of literature, a poem, or any other piece of writing, fill in the chart below. When complete, file into your “Inquiry” folder OR print and keep for future reference. You teacher may ask to keep your work as an example to expand understanding in the class

Title  _Refrigerator door by Luke Combs________________.           Your name: _Kate______________________________________

Which Essential Question(s) is addressed in this piece of literature? Content:

a)   What happens in the text/movie/Talk?

b)   What is the main message/theme?


How does the text answer the EQ?

Answer in full sentences. Record relevant quotes and page numbers/lines if needed.



1)What can make people be happy?


2)Why is change good for people?


3)Why do humans find the need to interact with other?
























a)   The singer Luke Combs sings about how life flies by and passes you in a blink of an eye. He sings about all the memories on his fridge that are captured in pictures.

b)   The main message is that you will grow up but you will still have all the memories and all the fun times you’ve had.

1)Making memories and having fun with friends can help make people happy and enjoy life. Would you rather live a life that dull, no fun and not enjoyable or would you rather live a life that’s upbeat, adventurous and inspiring.


2)Changing can lead to either good or bad. Changing in a good way can lead to making more friends and more memories. Also changing can mean you mature as you age which lets you look back at your memories like pictures on your fridge door like in the song.


3)When you interact with others it makes you feel like you fit in and it makes you feel happy. Making memories with people is also interacting with people. A memory doesn’t have to be an elaborate trip you took to Mexico. It can be the time you ran and rolled down the hill with your child hood best friend. A memory can be anything you cherish.


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