September Lab Reflection

I have chosen to reflect on the mom’s apple pie jam. I chose the jam since it was all new to me on how to make and seal the jam, and that there were a lot of difficulties along the way. I really enjoyed this lab because I had a really fun group and I feel like the whole class started to talk and laugh together which was fun. The jam turned out really well which I was happy about since at the beginning I was unsure about how it was going to turn out because I forgot to peel he apple before I cut them and so I realized that I needed to still peel them when they were chopped up. My group also was unsure if the snap tops were going to snap down at all. But everything went well and the jam tasted really good. My group was really fun and really supportive when I messed up a bit, the only problem that our group had was that we would switch our tasks which kind of worked but I think for next time to just keep our tasks the same through out the making of the jam.


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