Human condition: “Dear future generations: sorry”

In this video called “dear future generations” made by Prince Ea talked about what humans have done over the past generations. He discusses

how humans think they have progressed in making the planet healthier and a better place to live in when really they made it a worse place for

everyone to live. Prince Ea apoligizes on behalf humans for the disruption that humanity has caused and the fact that they try to find a way to

move quicker in the future when in reality they are moving backwards in time. I feel that with all the technology we have today, we rely on it to

fix every problem. Ea makes an attempt to explain to us that he does not accept the future because as he said in the video “An error does not

become a mistake until you refuse to correct it” by meaning that we as humans have made many mistakes but to call them mistakes you would

have had to correct it. Humans try to drift what we use to keep us going forward and to keep us being useful. If we don’t do

anything to fix what we have created, we will go extinct just because we didn’t take enough care of our planet. Humans dont

look after our environment enough.