Food and you- Memory Lane in Montana’s

The Memory lane in Montana’s restaurant. 

Montana’s is one of the cutest and the most delicious restaurant I have been in and I have made so too many memories there. Whenever I walk in the restaurant I always get in a good mood because I know that I am about to eat some good food. Right when you walk in, their is a whisp of smokey ribs passing by you and you will instantly fall in love. It gives a country vibe and makes you feel like you are in the southern part of town. Montana’s is special to me because whenever it was me or my sister’s birthdays we would always want to celebrate and enjoy our time at this restaurant and my parents knew that it was our favourite aswell. When we were young, we would tell the it was our birthday and they would bring the ginormous moose hat and place it on our head because that is the tradition at Montana’s. I find that the dish is reasonable, for example the plate I would have would be ribs, mash potatoes, gravey, and colleslaw on the side of the plate. It would come to around $18.00 dollars and I feel like that is a reasonable price because the rib is also humangous and has a lot of sauces packed on to it. It always puts me in a great mood and I know whenever I step into that restaurant I will enjoy the food because I always have. That is why I adore Monatana’s and that is why I have many many memories in this fantastic restaurant.