what i have learned about grade 9 fractions

  • if its addition and subtraction you have to make the denominator the same and you have to make it equavelent too.  \frac {-6}/{-4}
  • tug of war \frac {-5}+{9}
  • just do it- its when it a multiplication question
  • operations with integers, multiplication and division
  • speed multiplication, for speed multiplication you have to divide the denominator and the numerator to make it the smallest fraction.
  • we learned how to put fractions on a numberline and we also learned how to compare fractions. for a numberline you make the same denominator, for comparing fractions you also have to make it the same denominator and you can tell which ones bigger.
  • we learned how to divide and multiply fractions together, for divsion u make it into a reciprocal fraction and you multiply. for multiplication you can just multiply straight across. Divion= \frac {-5}{8}\div\frac{5}{3}

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