Infographic Background Information

  1. Background information on the author (Give five facts about the author) 
  • Khaled Hosseini was born on March 4, 1965, in Kabul, Afghanistan and he is the oldest of five children. 
  • When Khaled was 15, he moved to the United States. 
  • Khaled went to independence high school and graduated in 1984. Later he earned his bachelor’s degree at Santa Clara University. He majored in biology. 


  • A specialist in internal medicine, he attended University of California San Diego School of Medicine and has been in practice since 1996. 


  1. Who is the Taliban? What was like life under their rule? 
  • The Taliban are a Sunni Islamist movement and military organization that emerged in 1994 as a prominent faction in Afghanistan. 
  • The enforced a strict version of Islamic law. 
  • Public executions, homosexuality was banned, women were banned women from public life, television, music, internet access and the cinema were banned, Men had to grow beards and women to wear the all-covering burka 


  1. What was life in Afghanistan like prior to the Soviet Invasion? 
  • The Soviet Union intervened in support of the Afghan communist government in its conflict with anti-communist Muslim guerrillas during the Afghan War (1978–92) and remained in Afghanistan until mid-February 1989. 
  • From the Middle Ages to around 1750, Afghanistan was part of Iran. 


  1. Why is it difficult for immigrants to live in a new country? 
  • The language barrier is the main challenge as it affects the ability to communicate with others.  
  • Some people are less inviting and can be quite hateful towards immigrants.  
  • Culture shock, moving to one country to another so quickly.  


  1. What does the word identity mean to all the individuals in your group? 
  • The word identity is who you are, the way you view yourself and the way you are viewed by the world, an example of identity is someone’s name – Tanya. 
  • How you view yourself and how you want other people to view you – Erricka  
  • The word identity means the quality, personality and the looks that makes a person be who they are – Karen 


Everything I know about fractions

Comparing fractions (common denominators)

  • First step: find a number to multiply with to be able to get the same denominator
  • Second step: multiply the numerator with the same number you multiplied with your denominator
  • Third step: add or subtract the top to get your final answer

Order fractions from least to greatest

  • First step: change the fractions to decimal form
  • Second step: look at which decimal is greater or smaller
  • Third place: place them in order ( BE CAREFUL WITH NEGATIVES )

Change a mixed fractions to an improper fraction

  • First step: get your denominator and multiply with the whole number
  • Second step: once you have multiplied, add the rest with your numerator
  • Third step: once you get your improper fraction, check to see if you need to reduce it
  • Fourth step: if you need to reduce, divide the numerator and denominator to the lowest term

Change an improper fraction to a mixed fraction

  • First step: you ask how many times the denominator can go into the numerator
  • Second step: in the example below the first one shows you the 3 goes into 10 three times then you add the remainder to the numerator which is 1
  • third step: if there was a negative number, you add the negative to the whole number

Add and subtract fractions

  • First step: if you already have the same denominator then you just need to add both of the numerators.
  • Second step: if you do not, find a common multiple and multiply the top as well.
  • Third step: you would do the same thing for subtracting
  • Fourth step: simplify by dividing both denominator and numerator to the lowest term.

Multiply fractions

  • First step: it isn’t very difficult because all you need to do is multiply straight ahead
  • Second step: when you get the sum, simplify to get the final sum

Divide fractions

  • First step: when you get a division question all you have to do is flip the fraction
  • Second step: once you flip one of the fractions, multiply to get the sun
  • Third step: once you get your sum, simply if needed.

Apply the order of operations

  • First step: all you really have to think about is BEDMAS
  • Second step: Simplify if needed.

Core Competencies

For my fractions project, I chose the communication Competencies because it shows my interaction with the knowledge that I have and the skills aswell. My communication Competencies shows my strengths and growth by showing how to solve and how to figure out different ways to solve questions.

2019 Lebanon protests

Frustration, faith and love is how I feel
The government trying to tear my country apart
The government trying to make it hard for my people
The government lying to my people Just for a couple of bucks
Frustration, faith and love is how I feel
We are too strong to let them take control over us
We do not let them treat us like peasants
We do not let them get away with it
Frustration, faith and love is how I feel
The endless love for my country coming together as one
The endless support my people have showed towards this tragedy
The endless patience my people have given.
Frustration, faith and love is how I feel.

introductory assignment New media 11

Work in progress

Karen El-khatib

Image result for progress photo

what stories, videos, content on the internet inspires you, scares you, makes you think, makes you angry, makes you want to read/watch more? 

Conspiracy theories makes me wonder that there is so much more then we know about the present, the past, the future and life itself. Watching those types of videos makes me really wonder and look at the little things that we miss every day that can mean more than we expect. It makes me want to click on the next video because it really intrigues me and its very interesting to listen to. I also enjoy watching the youtuber Prince Ea because he makes spoken words about the real problems we have and are facing in this worldhe has a big platform he chose to talk about the problems such as society, climate change, people and so much more. 

Do you believe that you should have a say in how society works 

I believe that every single person in this world should have a say in how society works because everyone has a right to share their opinions and we live in a society where everyone shares their thoughts even when people might not agree with them. Everyone should have a say because everyone is going through it and it might even get worse throughout the years. I feel that teenagers get most affected because they play a major role in society and it doesn’t make them show who you really are and especially in the teenage years, society changes them into a whole different person.  

What does knowledge mean to you? 

Like my teachers have told me… knowledge means power and I 100% agree to that. Without knowledge you wouldn’t be going anywhere in life and the most important factors that I personally find are perception, reception, education and apprehension. Without those elements you most likely won’t have a future. With having knowledge, you can find your passion and find something you truly love doing. Knowledge means a lot and can make you very successful in your life.  

What are your expectations for this course? 

I feel like I can really improve my writing skills and how to write good paragraphs which will help me with other classes and the future as well. I feel like the topics that would come up during our class discussions will interest me because, I love sharing my opinions on topics that will keep me thinking about it and not just for that class. Hopefully this class will teach me how to properly get my research by watching documentaries, Youtube videos and more visual ways because I am a visual learner.  

If you could interview any one person in the world, who would it be and why?  

If I could interview one person in the world I would interview Justin Bieber, because I always wondered how it would feel to have that fame from such a young age till now. I also was the biggest fan of his music and himself because I really enjoyed it and the hype of it made it 10x better. If I ever had the chance to interview him today, I would ask him about his music, his wife Hailey Bieber which is a model who is very known as well, his fame when he started music at such a young age, and what his future will look like. It would be amazing to have a conversation with him because he was/is the most successful artist for such a young age and he grew to become bigger and better and will definitely always be remembered through decades. 

Two things I hate about residential schools

         Two things I hate about residential schools 

  1. The first reason on why I hate residential schools is because they treated aboriginal people like sh** and they thought it was a good idea to take their culture away and make them think they shouldve been ashamed of who they were. They were racist and discriminative towards the aboriginal people just because they were different then the white and because they didn’t like their culture which is total BS. Kids took their lives because of how much torture they went through. They suffered every single day and couldn’t stand up for themselves or they would get beat and abused. I still till this day cannot understand how our government let that happen and how they didn’t realize how wrong, disgusting and innapropriate this idea to put poor kids through this much pain everyday for years and years and the sad thing is some don’t even make it till it was  time to leave the residential schools.   


      2. Another reason why I really hate residential schools is because of the idea of  how they decided to create it. I understand that they wanted to make it                        a religious schools but they did NOT have to make it to assimilate there culture and be embarrassed of who they are. The government has apologized but                that does not own up to anything they have caused.  




Food and you- Memory Lane in Montana’s

The Memory lane in Montana’s restaurant. 

Montana’s is one of the cutest and the most delicious restaurant I have been in and I have made so too many memories there. Whenever I walk in the restaurant I always get in a good mood because I know that I am about to eat some good food. Right when you walk in, their is a whisp of smokey ribs passing by you and you will instantly fall in love. It gives a country vibe and makes you feel like you are in the southern part of town. Montana’s is special to me because whenever it was me or my sister’s birthdays we would always want to celebrate and enjoy our time at this restaurant and my parents knew that it was our favourite aswell. When we were young, we would tell the it was our birthday and they would bring the ginormous moose hat and place it on our head because that is the tradition at Montana’s. I find that the dish is reasonable, for example the plate I would have would be ribs, mash potatoes, gravey, and colleslaw on the side of the plate. It would come to around $18.00 dollars and I feel like that is a reasonable price because the rib is also humangous and has a lot of sauces packed on to it. It always puts me in a great mood and I know whenever I step into that restaurant I will enjoy the food because I always have. That is why I adore Monatana’s and that is why I have many many memories in this fantastic restaurant.  


Core Competencies- Term one

Core Competencies 


What are you good at? What is your goal? 

Core Competencies  Awesome Already   Need to Grow 
Creative Thinking   Look outside the box  brainstorming 
Critical Thinking   Not afraid to express their opinions with the evidence of facts  Creating new theories          
Positive personal and cultural identity  Treat others with respect  Exercise a lot 
Personal awareness and responsibility   appreciation  Asking for help when need 
Social responsibility   Solving problems in a healthy way  Being aware 
Communication   engaging  Public speaking 



Human condition: “Dear future generations: sorry”

In this video called “dear future generations” made by Prince Ea talked about what humans have done over the past generations. He discusses

how humans think they have progressed in making the planet healthier and a better place to live in when really they made it a worse place for

everyone to live. Prince Ea apoligizes on behalf humans for the disruption that humanity has caused and the fact that they try to find a way to

move quicker in the future when in reality they are moving backwards in time. I feel that with all the technology we have today, we rely on it to

fix every problem. Ea makes an attempt to explain to us that he does not accept the future because as he said in the video “An error does not

become a mistake until you refuse to correct it” by meaning that we as humans have made many mistakes but to call them mistakes you would

have had to correct it. Humans try to drift what we use to keep us going forward and to keep us being useful. If we don’t do

anything to fix what we have created, we will go extinct just because we didn’t take enough care of our planet. Humans dont

look after our environment enough.