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Karen El-khatib

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what stories, videos, content on the internet inspires you, scares you, makes you think, makes you angry, makes you want to read/watch more? 

Conspiracy theories makes me wonder that there is so much more then we know about the present, the past, the future and life itself. Watching those types of videos makes me really wonder and look at the little things that we miss every day that can mean more than we expect. It makes me want to click on the next video because it really intrigues me and its very interesting to listen to. I also enjoy watching the youtuber Prince Ea because he makes spoken words about the real problems we have and are facing in this worldhe has a big platform he chose to talk about the problems such as society, climate change, people and so much more. 

Do you believe that you should have a say in how society works 

I believe that every single person in this world should have a say in how society works because everyone has a right to share their opinions and we live in a society where everyone shares their thoughts even when people might not agree with them. Everyone should have a say because everyone is going through it and it might even get worse throughout the years. I feel that teenagers get most affected because they play a major role in society and it doesn’t make them show who you really are and especially in the teenage years, society changes them into a whole different person.  

What does knowledge mean to you? 

Like my teachers have told me… knowledge means power and I 100% agree to that. Without knowledge you wouldn’t be going anywhere in life and the most important factors that I personally find are perception, reception, education and apprehension. Without those elements you most likely won’t have a future. With having knowledge, you can find your passion and find something you truly love doing. Knowledge means a lot and can make you very successful in your life.  

What are your expectations for this course? 

I feel like I can really improve my writing skills and how to write good paragraphs which will help me with other classes and the future as well. I feel like the topics that would come up during our class discussions will interest me because, I love sharing my opinions on topics that will keep me thinking about it and not just for that class. Hopefully this class will teach me how to properly get my research by watching documentaries, Youtube videos and more visual ways because I am a visual learner.  

If you could interview any one person in the world, who would it be and why?  

If I could interview one person in the world I would interview Justin Bieber, because I always wondered how it would feel to have that fame from such a young age till now. I also was the biggest fan of his music and himself because I really enjoyed it and the hype of it made it 10x better. If I ever had the chance to interview him today, I would ask him about his music, his wife Hailey Bieber which is a model who is very known as well, his fame when he started music at such a young age, and what his future will look like. It would be amazing to have a conversation with him because he was/is the most successful artist for such a young age and he grew to become bigger and better and will definitely always be remembered through decades. 

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