Why marihuana should be legal

I think it should be legal because of all the Benifits such as it’s mdical use because it fights cancer cells and it is way better than taking prescription drugs for chronic pain.  It is also so great for epilepsy patients. If it was legal the government could control what’s in the substance and could also capitalize on it. If it were to stay illigal it is not stoping anyone from getting there hands on it. It is less harmful than cigarettes and it has benifits.


Kaleb and Liam’s Rube Goldberg Project

Blue prints/brainstorm of our project

A: The phone vibrates down the ramp hitting a marble that s on a stop that turns potential energy into kenetic a energy as it goes down a ramp hitting a lever.

B: A marble hits the bottom the lever witch hits the car above.

C: The car travels down a ramp over the chair falling in a basket.

D: The car fals in the basket lifting a lever that is blocking a large marble.

E: The marble is re-elected and rolls down a woden path.

F: The marble falls on the mouse trap witch lets the flag go.

G: The weights on the other side of the tower drag the flag up.(raising the flag)


1 section A when potential energy turns into kenetick energy with the marble.

2 section C-D when kenetic energy turns into more kenetic energy with the lever

3 section f the mouse trap uses elastic energy and is set off using kenetic energy

Video of project