Science App Reveiw

Define: I need an app everything is easier to find and easier to learn about the periodic table.

Dream: I want an app that I don’t have to go into my binder and get my periodic table, I need a periodic table I can tap the screen twice a get what I need. Also I need something I could play around with and learn from. An app that if I need to learn something about an element it gives me all the information, an app the elements are really easy to find. I can learn everything I need to know quick, easily and fun.

This a periodic table app called TCT Lite,I got it because it had 400 stars beside it so it means it is probably useful. At the time I was tired of not being able to find the element I need on my periodic table, but on this app it gives me the element which are much easier to find and gives me more information than a normal paper periodic table. It’s faster, it’s more fun, and it gives you more information. It literally takes two¬†taps on the screen to get to the app, and it has all the information for each element when you press on it. It could help to make my homework faster, I’ll learn about the elements more and it will be easier.




Deliver: My plan was to have an app where it’s two taps away from my work, it is easy and it works. This is beyond working because it gives me all the info I need about the element, and it is really fast, and easy to understand.

Debreif: This app was really good, it helped me with all the things I mentioned earlier, the only thing I’d change is to make there a search to find elements to make it faster than it is. I learned that apps are a real big tool to make things easier and a whole lot faster.




Digital footprint


How might your digital footprint affect your future opportunities? Give at least two examples.

let’s say you made mistakes in your past and thought it would be “cool” to post it on social media, then later regret it and delete or maybe you don’t delete it. It will always be up there, then let’s say you want to work for a company such as Microsoft, you apply and they interview you and they will always look up your name, and they will see the stuff you did and they may not want you.

  1. I could apply for a job and they could see stuff suspicious about me because maybe I made wrong decisions or my friends did and then I will end up without a good job
  2. if I post good stuff like helping out with the community, or hanging out with family, school compitions, sports videos etc. They may be impressed and think I’m good and they will most likely want to employ me.



Describe at least 3 Stadegies to keep your digital footprint appropriate and safe.

  1. Make right desicoins not only on your device but also in your everyday life because if you are good you won’t be bad on the web because you are already are not making mistakes. The reason they search up your name on the web is to see what you are like but if your good on media but bad in real life you may get fired, or maybe turned down at your interviews.
  2. think twice before you follow or post because it could effect you for life. Also there are online predators and if they get your information you will not be safe.
  3. post stuff that if you looked at someone’s account with that type of posts on there account you would be impressed and want to hire them as a boss.


Refer to your social media as a safe, it has all your money and valuables in it. But once you start giving information, they end up opening your safe and stealing your valuable/ your not safe.


What information did you learn that you would pass on to other students? How would you go about telling them?

I learned that I need to watch what I post, because it may be fun now but when I’m 30 it won’t be fun making 15/hr. Also if you post good posts universities or companies will want me more. I would tell the excactly what I learned, and said up above and also that it take a click of a mouse to ruin your life.

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