CC Death of Salesman – Critical Thinking

In the play Death of Salesman, I wonder what drove Willy to think the way he did on life, did he not learn from his failures? I think Willy just wanted to have a good life, but along the way on achieving his American Dream, he picked up a crave for success, and feeling successful. He wanted a good life, but forgot what that meant, he was brainwashed by success. He forgot why he wanted to be successful.

CC Death of Salesman-Positive Personal & Cultural Identity

In Death of Salesman play, Willy’s Personal Value and choice was to be successful, rich and to achieve the American Dream. Culturally people wanted to be viewed as successful, Willy wasted his whole life chasing a dream, that was culturally desirable. But it actually led to Willy digging himself into a big hole. Success and Money was the vision, sadness was the reality.

Tell this Story

I am George Giesbrecht. I grew up on a farm in Southern Manitoba, about 5 km west of Winkler. Where me and my father grew a unique relationship. He was my Father, I was his son, He was my boss, I was his employee, He was my role model. I was up in the morning before sunlight, every morning, to milk the cows, and feed the animals. Then in the afternoon, especially during harvest it was non stop work for 14 hours. My mom always was preparing something for us eat. Me and my Dad had a great bond, we were always together from when I was born until present. He watched all my hockey and baseball games, even though he should’ve been working, we went to church together every Sunday, and we worked in the field for countless hours, him teaching me almost everything I know. As I said we have always been together, from when I was born, until present. Present, I am at the hospital. I am struck with the worst 4 words of my life. “Your father has cancer”.

American Dream

The American Dream

The American Dream Ideals are to live comfortably, be successful, and have a family. People want money. Money  represents success. I think people think if they had more money it would solve all their problem and they would be happier. People are to often forget the people and things they love because there eyes are focussed on money. The American Dream is the image of living a safe, happy, fun, and comfortable life. It’s the life people think of when they think of “perfect”, nothing is wrong in the American Dream, well it seems that way. People think if they have money, they will have a perfect life. People will always be chasing money if that’s the case, they will never be settled and happy. People’s image of the American Dream make them thing, if they had more money, they would be more happy. More Money= More Happy. I think this is a false conception.

Death of a Salesman

1.) Do you think John and Emily are Deceiving themselves about being able to do well I’m their English class?

Yes, I think they are deceiving themselves. John and Emily are aiming for a B in English class, they think that they will each get one. In reality they will not get a B because of their work habits, lack of dedication and discipline for school.

2. What do you think might be the result of the schedule they are following?

The schedule they are following will lead to bad grades. You get what you give. John and Emily are not working hard in their classes, so the result will be what they give, poor effort, will end up being bad grades.


3. If they don’t do well on their English work, will they blame others or themselves?

Themselves, they are to blame, they are in charge of their own work. If they don’t work hard, they won’t get good results, so they are to blame.


4. What, if anything, might you do differently if you were in their place?

Work harder, and spend more time on my school work. Balance my schedule so I can do more school work.

Molarity Lab

I used Copper (II) Chloride and added Dihydrate(water) to the substance, to make the solution

These were my calculations to convert Molarity and Volume of CuCl2 and 2H2O into the mass of CuCl2

This is what 1.71g of CuCl2 looks like

This is CuCl2 added to water (dihydrate)

We added more water

And mixed it, and this is what the solution looks like.