Diffusion in Agar Cubes

The 1cm x 1cm x 1cm cube diffused 100%, and turned all pink.

Because it was the smallest size there was less agar that the NaOH had to go through to produce the pink colour. It was able to turn the whole cube pink. The biggest factor is the size and other factors include type of material, temperature, and concentration.

The larger surface area allows the cell to diffuse more rapid because more area is in contact with whatever material is being diffused into the cell. But if the cell got bigger the Ratio between Volume and surface area would decrease making it take longer to get to 100% diffusion.

we recorded a higher surface area to volume ratio is more effective in diffusion. The 4:1 ratio would be the most effective. SA>V.

Our body adapts to the shape off the cells to help exchange gases, decreased V increased SA. When the surface area increases the volume will be small to maintain efficiency.

If the cell got larger the diffusion would no longer be efficient throughout the cell, because of the smaller SA and V ratio.

Multicellular organisms that are animal and plant cells can have a larger surface area to volume ratio. They can have special features that include gas exchange, our lungs, and circulatory system, our blood. These allow for our body functions to be faster and more efficient.

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