Death of a Salesman

1.) Do you think John and Emily are Deceiving themselves about being able to do well I’m their English class?

Yes, I think they are deceiving themselves. John and Emily are aiming for a B in English class, they think that they will each get one. In reality they will not get a B because of their work habits, lack of dedication and discipline for school.

2. What do you think might be the result of the schedule they are following?

The schedule they are following will lead to bad grades. You get what you give. John and Emily are not working hard in their classes, so the result will be what they give, poor effort, will end up being bad grades.


3. If they don’t do well on their English work, will they blame others or themselves?

Themselves, they are to blame, they are in charge of their own work. If they don’t work hard, they won’t get good results, so they are to blame.


4. What, if anything, might you do differently if you were in their place?

Work harder, and spend more time on my school work. Balance my schedule so I can do more school work.

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