Indonesia Tsunami

What caused it?

Well firstly it’s right on a fault line. Then a 7.5 magnitude earthquake occurred In Indonesia. Shortly after a Tsunami  took place, and generally speaking tsunamis follow earthquake. Scientists Beleive an underwater Landslide triggered it.

How it affected the sociospheare?

The Taunami hit Palu, Indonesia. Like most disasters it left a huge impact on the people. This left about 1350 people dead, and a lot injured. A lot of people are left without food and water so they end up having to take from stores. The police let them take stuff for basic needs, but some people started taking computers and TVs so they got busted. The people are all trying to get out because they have limited food and water. “We had no clean water or food and all we have is the clothes we are wearing,” there are community kitchens that provide food though. So this tragedy broke and killed so many lives. It mostly will affect the city in the long run leaving it in rebuild mode, and without food and water. It will be hard to recover because it is poor



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