Crossing The Bar Poetry Analysis Project


Crossing the Bar by Alfred Lord Tennyson Paragraph

Crossing the bar is a poem written by Alfred Lord Tennyson in 1889. The subject of the poem is a sailor who is going out to sea in rough waters and may not return. As well as no one being sad when he leaves. The poem lightly addresses social phenomenon because the sailor doesn’t have any friends or family that are sad about him going out to sea. The narrator is the author of the poem, Alfred Lord Tennyson, the setting is 1889, on one of the coasts, and in some town that is beside the sea. The word choice is sad, the author uses words like boundless, which means endless/unlimited. He uses words like embark to make it sound like he is going out to sea on a big journey. The poem uses some clichés like the sea calling for the sailor. The tone of the poem is serious, hope, sad, and reverent. It uses words like embark, boundless, and hope, to show these tones. The tone starts as sad and reverent, but then changes to hope and serious in the end. Each line of the poem varies from 4 to 10 lines, with 4 stanzas in each quadrant and an ABAB rhyme scheme. The poem uses personification when it says “But such a tide as moving seems asleep.” Other than that the author doesn’t use that much literary devices. The poet doesn’t share his experiences with the author very well. Its not very intensively felt either.