First Nations Principals of Learning


Image result for First nations learning principlesLearning involves patience and time. I think this is about how you can’t learn everything in one day, which is why we go to school for so many years, and it requires patience because it takes so long and is frustrating at times but is worth it in the end.

Learning is embedded in memory, history, and story. I think this is about how we all learn from the past and through stories.

Learning involves recognizing the consequences of ones actions. I think this is about how a lot of learning is through mistakes. As well as having to deal with the consequences of a mistake instead of making a lot of excuses for it.

I think these relate to the work we do in school because school takes a long amount of time and you need to have patience with it. You also learn a lot about history in a lot of different classes. As well as having to learn from mistakes and deal with the consequences of errors.

Some of the principals connect to the SSEP project because it took a long time and my group needed to be patient. Our EB project connects because it is group work which at times can be frustrating so you need to be patient with your group.