Neuron Communication

Neuron Function. There are 3 neurons that do different things, motor, sensory, and relay. The relay neurons allow the motor and sensory neurons to communicate with each other. The motor neurons communicate from the brain and spinal cord to the muscles. The sensory neuron collects information from sensory receptor and transmits it to the brain.


Action potential is how the pulses are sent through the nerves. Inside the nerve membrane it is negatively charged with potassium and outside the nerve membrane there is positively charged sodium. In polarization the positive charge goes inside and the negative charge goes outside. In depolarization the positive goes out and the negative goes in. Through using polarization and depolarization a charge gets sent to the end of the nerve and synapse happens.

Synapse is when the electrical pulse sent through the nerves through neurotransmitters to the axon button. It is then turned into a chemical pulse to cross the synaptic gap. It goes through the post-synaptic membrane and through the Neurotransmitter receivers to the dendrite of the receiving.