My silver Lining 


These past weeks, to be completely honest with you a bit depressing. With Covid-19 continuing to spread more and more of all our daily activities and habits have all seemed to vanish. That can include sports, jobs, broadcasting and even just going outside. Staying at home and only at home has been more than just hassle. Each day feels longer and with nothing to do, it’s getting hard to stay positive. Every chance I get to go outside feel like a couple minutes of freedom. Before the virus I was very active and I’m finding out now different things about myself that I didn’t know before. For instance, I’m finding out now how much I depend on my phone. I never really realized that I was so attached to it. If I don’t know where it is for even a couple seconds, I feel like I can’t do anything, not even sleep. I’ve also been able to connect more with my family. My brothers have been turning into my only friends, and sometimes my only bullies. It hasn’t been easy to have all five of us under one roof and most of the time I feel like the only one who listens to me is my dog. At this point I don’t know how many walks I’ve taken him on, but it has been more than 50. I’ve recently been trying to stay in shape and one way I’ve found to do that is mountain biking which leads me to my silver lining. I have been going up Burke at least 3-4 times a week. I’ve done all sorts of trails, from greens to blacks with my lovely companion Jagger, aka my dog. He loves to lead the way as fast as he can and as soon as he can’t hear my bike trailing behind him almost as if I’m chasing him, he’ll come running back to make sure I’m in good shape. At times I feel like he knows the way better than I do. Only lately the weather has been better which means the biking conditions have been better, so I have been staying on the mountain longer. Just recently my dog did something that prevented something that could have ended pretty badly. I was having a great day on the bike; the sun was shining, there was a slight draft of wind wish kept me cool. I was going on to a trail called overtime which was pretty common. As usual my dog was leading the way and suddenly stopped out of nowhere. This was unusual for him, so I stopped and tried to understand why he suddenly stopped. Once everything was silent and caught my breath, I started to hear some leaves and branches rustling and out from the forest emerged a big black bear. At first my dog started barking thinking he was some sort of hero protecting me but as soon as he saw the full length and strength of the bear, he stopped which made me giggle a little bit. I’ve had close encounters with bears before, so I knew the protocol. He walked by not affected by what was beside him and peacefully crossed the trail. After the trail I gave my dog a little treat for being so calm and not cause any ruckus and make things worse. It was almost a way to thank him to because without him who knows what could have happened. The worst scenario is that I could have hit the huge beast. I continued my day without any more surprises.  


This video was from a little later and is quite rare cause my dog is actually trailing me, he was a little tired.

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