Learning involves developing relationships, respecting distinct cultures, and honoring the perspective of others in our communities. 

The deepest learning takes place through lived experience. It requires exploring our identities, learning from our mistakes, and having gratitude for our gifts. 


How did this experience reflect this principle?  

In our circle talk everyone shared and expressed a little about themselves. In each of our discussions in the circle everyone got to know each other better. Every student, only if they wanted, got the opportunity to talk about their past, what they think will happen in the future or even how their feeling at that moment. In these little discussions everyone was respecting the other students’ thoughts and experiences. We learned that in our class there a lot of different cultures and people come from all over the world so we all got to learn and understand that everyone has their own perspective and opinion and we have to respect that.   

How can one learn through oral communication? 

In my opinion I find that I learn better by having a type of visual component when I am learning but for some other people, they find that its easier for them to understand something verbally. I think that to learn through oral communication you need to be a good listener. You also need to be a fast thinker because as the person you’re listening to is talking you need to be able to visualize what she or he is trying to explain and then move on to the next idea. Finally, you need to be able to speak your mind and not get influenced by other people.  

 How did this exercise build community in this room? 

I think that after we had the circle everyone in the class had got more familiar with each one of their peers. In the beginning everyone was a little shy and you could even hear it in the way they would talk. I must admit that even I was a little shy at the beginning of the circle but at the end I felt way more comfortable. I was able to speak more clearer and I was able to share more of my ideas. It wasn’t just because I only felt more comfortable but also because everyone else in the room started to also which made it feel more of a community. 

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