Yes, she is a little short but let me warn you to be prepared because this grade 9 has a huge personality and is always ready to share her creative ideas, who am I talking about, well who other than Kia Aragon. Kia loves to express herself whenever she can get the chance, maybe it’s because at home with her 7 siblings it can get quite crowded. Kia receives a lot of responsibilities with being the oldest sibling and on top of all the homework she gets from Riverside Secondary, her club volleyball team, her PoCo Div. 1 soccer team and her A Adanacs lacrosse team it starts to get hard to find time to do everything. Somehow, Kia always finds a way to manage and get through with outstanding outcomes. Kia loves to interact with people, she’s as friendly as can be, you will never feel left out when you are around her. In only a couple minutes it will feel like you’ve known Kia your entire life. Kia is always there to give you a helping hand and will not hesitate to stop what she’s doing and focus on other people’s problems until they are completely resolved.      

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