Rube Goldberg Project – Muncherz 4 your pupperz

A drawing of your machine labelling each step with A, B, C – Above is the drawing of are rube Goldberg machine

A summary explanation of all the steps in your machine – We released the car from point A and it falls down to the Teeter-totter, after this the teeter-totter throws a ball and it hits the back of Car D, this car then falls into the cup and pull the candy up on the other side making it fall into the funnel and into are contraption, into the cup. while all this is happening the car from point A hits the teeter-totter and falls down to hit the cup of water in point C2, causing it to fall over and spill out the water into the bowl for the dog.

A description of the energy transfers. – In point A it is a Potential to Kinetic transfer due to the ball being still and moving because the car hits the teeter-totter. – in point C and D the ball had kinetic and made the car go from potential to kinetic, this is a kinetic to potential to kinetic reaction. – in Part D and E the car moves into the cup making Part E start, this is a Kinetic to Mechanical to potential reaction. – in Part E the Food will fall into the funnel and down are zig-zag contraption, this is a Kinetic to potential reaction. – Finally in part C2 and D2 the car will hit the cup causing it to fall over and spilling the water, this is a Kinetic to Potential reaction.

A successful video of the entire machine in action. – for some reason i couldn’t apply it into the edublog. This is the video —>  IMG_8806-12sipmg 

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