Weekend Poetry Assignment


Over the snowy weekend, it was spent outside in the snow. There was heavy snowfall throughout the weekend, causing chaos around Metro Vancouver. The 14-year-old boy stayed home, avoiding the heavy traffic jams and worked on clearing the driveway of recent snowfalls.

As temperatures dropped Friday overnight, it created optimum conditions for playing in the snow. Jon took full advantage of the weather and spent the entire day outdoors creating structures made of snow and an assortment of activities that haven’t been done since the last major snowfall in the winter of 2008.

Jon ended the eventful weekend by rushing to finish the homework that had been left ignored for the entire weekend then prepared himself for another week of regular schedule.



A frigid weekend, too cold for many.

That was, except for one.


Running and shivering

In the white snow

The boy was anything other than mellow.


Freezing his toes

In the white snow


He was quick

He was playful

He was productive in the powder.


As the day went on

He only got prouder.


His snow structures were enormous

They were as wide as a car,

As tall as a bear

He just continued to played with no care.


As the sun began fainting,

Frozen as an ice cube

Began running back home

Following the scent of the carefully cooked dinner.